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Travelface innovates by approaching the self-employed. People who are dedicated to the business world with the same needs, but with a different treatment and language. The importance of those known as ‘self-employed’ has grown in recent years according to the EUROSTAT agency, which publishes this data quarterly on the statistics in each country.

In the third quarter of 2010 in Spain there were a total of 1,927,600 self-employed workers without employees. The current situation leads to the conclusion that more and more people are motivating themselves to undertake an activity as a self-employed person.

We are committed to self-employment as a future weapon for the development of activities in this country. Providing them with the appropriate tools for the proper development of their activity will benefit us all and for this reason Travelface will provide this professional group with the necessary advice to reduce their travel costs for self-employed people and not see their options for opening businesses limited wherever they consider. profitable. For a self-employed person, his suppliers are accomplices who are part of his infrastructure where they provide fundamental support to be able to carry out the activity to which he is dedicated. If you are self-employed, don’t set limits for yourself. You have to go out and look for opportunities where they are and Travelface takes you with the best rates on trips for freelancers.

Technical advice linked to the best Companies. Airlines, hotels, trains, rental vehicles will provide you with every detail of your new projects and trips as a freelancer beyond your local area. We want to be your accomplice, find you the best options to optimize your time, help and advise you to improve the performance of your trips linked to your work life. In addition, by being a Travelface client you will benefit from exclusive advantages on your self-employed leisure trips for yourself, your family, clients or collaborators.

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Premium Service: for demanding companies that require telephone attention with a high degree of commitment and demand to resolve all the vicissitudes that may arise during working hours through an account manager dedicated exclusively to the planning and optimization of your business trips.

Standard Call Center: for those companies that require personalized attention to manage their business trips, with a standardized commitment based on the volume of their account and number of employees.

Multifunctional service: where you can combine the online tool with the management of your personalized account manager and thus achieve better planning for your business trip.

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24-hour service for online reservations of flights, hotels, cars and trains or Evaluation of the reservation selection by schedules or prices.

Coordination of several simultaneous services such as flight, car and hotel.

All Low Cost companies.

Best price guaranteed when booking your business trip.

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