We understand the needs of production companies to develop a project to create a spot, event, show, tour, TV series or film shoots, even fairs and special events such as a road show, both nationally and internationally.

The treatment that involves all the logistics of travel, accommodation, vehicles, transfers of special materials, catering, etc. for filming requires agility, efficiency, a personalized service always attended by the same project advisor and cost control to be able to define a specific scenario in relation to the travel area within a production.

Travelface shows you Barcelona as you have never seen it before with all the special advantages and benefits for production companies:

  • Special rates for production companies
  • Accommodation in fashion hotels, boutique hotels, urban and seductive hotels, tailored to your needs
  • Personalized services
  • Through a briefing we provide the services and added values
  • We provide attractive suggestions with preferential rates
  • We follow up with a solver who will be present in all the preparations, as well as in the development of the stay with its complementary activities to coordinate all the good development and control the quality of the services
  • We offer weekend care
  • Agility and Immediacy