The origin of the Inca Empire

With an enormous cultural and historical heritage, we find ourselves facing a country powerful in its diversity. After the majesty and grandeur that emanates from Machu Picchu, Peru offers travelers many other options, ranging from excursions through high mountains to islands where you can enjoy a good rest, to expeditions into the heart of the Amazon jungle.

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The city of Cusco, epicenter of the Inca world, is a hypnotic place full of magic. One of the most beautiful cities that can be visited in that part of the planet. In its capital, Lima, beauty and history also await you. Don’t miss its cathedral, located in the iconic Plaza de Armas. Nor the Huaca Pullcana (pre-Inca archaeological zone) or the Miraflores neighborhood and its views of the sea.

Don’t leave the Andean country without trying its very popular ceviche or ají de gallina, another lesser-known but equally tasty native delicacy. Enjoy everything, in just a few trips you will feel better welcomed.

Peru, a place that embraces.

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