Order, progress and samba

The Iguazú Falls, the heart of the Amazon, the cities of Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, the country of carnival is a huge and unfathomable place, with as many possibilities as your mind lets you imagine. Paradise, party, nature… Nothing escapes Brazil, which proposes and proposes alternatives to leisure and knowledge.

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Far from the most “postalistic”, Brazil offers to discover very different cities such as Curitiba and its beautiful parks, or Belo Horizonte. Another unmissable destination is the Fernando de Noronha archipelago where you will find the best beaches in the country.

The body asks you to go in February, but any time is good to visit the country of caipirinha. Meat is a trending topic in its gastronomy, where churrasco, picanha or steak reign supreme.

It is Brazil, the country that never ends.

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