The best archipelago in the world

Stop looking at the photo of that wonderful beach that you have as your wallpaper on your computer and visit it! In the Seychelles you will find the tropical paradise that you have been dreaming of for so long. An idyllic place in which to disconnect, delighting in postcard-perfect beach landscapes and rich and diverse fauna and flora. You are facing a trip that exceeds any expectations.

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The island of Mahé, the island of the capital (Victoria), is the first destination that you should not miss. With more than 65 virgin beaches, it has a National Park that leaves anyone speechless. Get lost on the islands of Bird or Denis, where you can discover, among others, giant turtles that are a symbol of the place.

The republic of 115 islands is the ultimate destination, there are not enough words to describe its appeal. Also immerse yourself in its vast culture, dances and music of strong African and European influence.

There is no better place than the Seychelles islands.

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