Beauty and heritage

The American author Mark Twain dedicated this phrase to him: “First Mauritius was made and then heaven; and the sky was copied from Mauritius.” Little more can be added, but something is. In the southeast of the country you will find the quietest beaches, almost virgin territory. Also to the south you can delight in the Gargantas del Río Negro National Park, an amazing tropical jungle.

From the hand of Travelface It’s not just any trip.

In Pamplemousses you will find the most impressive botanical garden in the world, a visit to the Port Louis market (the capital) is essential and if you still want more, you can give free rein to your adventurous desire touring Rodrigues Island.

You will not eat fish and seafood in a better setting ever. Also enjoy the Hindu festivals that fill the calendar, such as the famous and colorful Holi.

Mauritius, the treasure that bathes the Indian Ocean.

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