Where the crystal clear water kisses the white sand

Bawah is a reserve made up of six small tropical islands whose beaches offer the traveler an idyllic image, like a postcard or wallpaper. It is the ideal place to live a sustainable luxury experience. It has 13 virgin beaches, with white sand and turquoise blue waters. A tropical paradise away from everything, where you can truly disconnect.

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Located between Malaysia and Indonesia, Bawah belongs to the Anambas archipelago, all islands that live on the margins of the overcrowding and hustle and bustle of nearby territories. Therefore, equipped with fully comfortable accommodation, it is the best destination you can choose if your body asks you to relax.

Discover a gastronomy that is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, a culture at the antipodes of our own and a bucolic environment in which to reconcile yourself with the world.

Bawah has a place reserved for you.

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