A great experience

Incomprehensible, wild, amazing, beautiful… All these adjectives and many more serve to describe Canada, a country that has it all. A gigantic place that will make you feel small, and at the same time, privileged. Nowhere like here can you feel so united with the natural and untamed. Lakes and canyons, rocky mountains, forests or glaciers. Before you, everything.

Feel the power of the atavistic, with Travelface.

Along with the mounted police, the grizzly bear is the country’s main icon. Khuzemateen is the park dedicated to protecting them, discover them by walking its paths, irrigated by lakes, rivers and fjords. You will find more natural beauty in Banff National Park in Alberta. All of these landscapes (and many more!) contrast with cities like Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto, trendy places underpinned by progress and innovation.

In the gastronomy of Canada, lies the varied influence of its origin and its natural power. In this way, we find Tourtière (of French origin), maple syrup or bison meat.

Canada, Oh Canada! A trip to remember.

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