A crossroads, an enclave of union

Few destinations dazzle and mark as much as Jordan, an exciting trip with much to see and feel. Not in vain, in the Hashemite country we can visit one of the seven wonders of the world: Petra. The semi-hidden city carved into rock will leave you speechless, even more so if you manage to enjoy it at sunset or at night.

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Surrounded by the turmoil of other territories, in Jordan the traveler will find the peace they seek, in a welcoming and friendly people. Route through the Wadi Rum desert, float in the Dead Sea or explore its countryside in Wadi Jadid. The finishing touch is Amman. In the capital you will discover a city that vibrates, with the Roman theater and the Odeon dominating the landscape.

A tea with a view, a mansaf (stewed lamb) with yogurt sauce or a cheese and jam cake, which in Levantine cuisine is called konafa. Delicacies from the country, to pair the experience.

Jordan, where the weight of history overwhelms.

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