A place that is history

Anyone, having been there or not, knows what the places of interest in the country of the Nile are. Among the main ones, we must undoubtedly highlight the Giza pyramids, presided over by the Great Sphinx, the most iconic image of Egypt. The Valley of the Kings, in Luxor, is the largest necropolis, the location where a large number of pharaohs rest.

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The power of Ancient Egypt is genuinely represented in its museums, another of the great tourist assets. At the Egyptian Museum, located in Cairo, you can delight in enormous rooms where you can learn about its ancient history. Don’t leave the capital without visiting Khan Al Khalili, the most famous market in the Middle East.

A cruise on the Nile, a swim on the beaches of the Red Sea are other premium experiences that await you on this trip. Another is to enjoy the healthiest cuisine, based on legumes and vegetables.

In Egypt you will discover the value of the ancient.

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