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Travelface events and incentive trips

Do you need to motivate your workers? Do you want to reward your management team for their dedication? Do you need to close an important deal with your distributors?
There are a thousand reasons for a company to organize events and incentive trips, but it is important to know how they are planned, so that they help meet the established objectives.

For this reason, Travelface is your ally when planning events and incentive trips. We have extensive experience in the business and exclusive travel sector that, combined with our ability to organize activities and events, make a perfect tandem to make your events and incentive trips a success.

Why organize events and incentive trips?

The modern world has changed and so has business vision. Modern companies practice communication – both internal and external – that is much more multidirectional, flexible and close. In this way, they are able to get closer to both the client and other possible interest groups, such as investors, workers, administration, suppliers… For this reason, one of the most common strategies is the organization of events and incentive trips, due to their high effectiveness and infinite possibilities. possibilities and combinations.

The term “incentive” has been used for a long time in the business dictionary, but it simply referred to a reward (monetary or physical) in exchange for achieving objectives. This made workers, distributors or others work with more effort, but not with more interest. By organizing events and incentive trips, it is possible to involve all parties in our company in a new way, so they feel part of a group.
Therefore, incentive events and trips are not only used to motivate the workers themselves. They also serve to make people aware of what we do, to look for new clients, to offer new benefits to suppliers and distributors, etc.

How to organize events and incentive trips?

The best thing to plan events and incentive trips, which in addition to being interesting and effective, is to have the advice of an expert company like Travelface. On the one hand, we advise you to find the best option for your events and incentive trips, following your objectives, and at the same time, we can organize what you need to alleviate that responsibility of your company.

To organize effective and memorable incentive events and trips, it is important to take into account the company’s image, the objectives to be achieved and which business segment it will be aimed at. Additionally, it is important to detail a base budget. From here, Travelface can get to work and plan your events and incentive trips tailored to your needs.

What types of events and incentive trips can be organized?

The range of themes and modalities of events and incentive trips are very wide. It depends on what each client needs and the budget they can dedicate. You can organize conferences, workshops, outdoor activities, weekend conferences, vacation awards… and many more events and incentive trips.

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