Gold Medal for the Spanish Passport

After evaluating documents from 199 countries, the prestigious passport ranking system VisaGuide.World Passport Index has confirmed that Spain‘s passport is the best on the planet. All of this is based on a scoring table that records different values and factors.

The Ranking

Countries are assessed through the Destination Significance Score (DSS), which evaluates aspects such as GDP, Energy Index, Tourism Index, or Human Development Index.

Other considerations include the countries one can travel to without a visa using that passport or whether access to any other country has been denied.


The ranking of the top 10 positions in the world passport ranking is as follows:


1- SPAIN 90,36 points

2- SINGAPORE90,29 points

3- GERMANY90,26 points

4- ITALY90,15 points

5- FRANCE90,03 points

6- NETHERLANDS89,67 points

7- FINLAND89,33 points

8- SWEDEN89,07 points

9- NORWAY89,02 points

10- DENMARK88,88 points


Use it

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Nice trip!