Between the wild and natural

Few places have the richness and personality that Kenya has, one of the most iconic territories on the African continent. Visiting the country of the Maasai tribe is immersing yourself in an exciting journey that fills body and soul. You can, from discovering wild nature seeing animals in their habitat to being impressed by majestic lakes and mountains.

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The national park of the mountain that gives its name to the country is one of its main emblems, as is the Amboseli national park, a fantastic place at the foot of Kilimanjaro. The rhythm and history that surround its capital, Nairobi, make it another must-see on this adventure.

Bathed by the Indian Ocean, you will find relaxation and beautiful beaches in areas like Mombasa or Lamu. These are ideal destinations to quietly enjoy the country’s gastronomy. Nyama Choma, Ugali or Matoke are dishes that you cannot miss trying.

When Kenya breaks through, the only thing left to do is delight.

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    Kimondo Camp

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