Special Valentine’s Day promotion

One of the most special dates on the calendar is coming, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day. At Capitán Morgan they know it well, that is why they have decided to launch a special promotion on the occasion of this date, to celebrate love as it deserves.

Travel to stunning destinations with great discounts only until February 21.


Enjoy one of the most exciting countries as a couple. From historic Athens to the beautiful beaches of Santorini or Mykonos. Culture and enjoyment, the mix that every good trip should have.


Immerse yourself in coral reefs on the shores of the Indian Ocean, an unrepeatable experience. Fall in love twice, with the company and the place. Wild nature, pure beauty, a trip you will never forget.

Cape Verde

Off the coast of Senegal there is a country that has more fans every day. And is not for less. Has it all. Paradisiacal beaches, great gastronomy and endless culture and folklore. Live the Cape Verdean experience intensely, there is no better place to walk your love.

West Africa

From Dakar to Banjul on a wildly exciting route. Get ready for one of those trips that change you, that touch you. Trips that make you fall in love.


More than a thousand islands await you in landscapes worthy of the best wallpaper. A destination that asks you to give free rein to love, dance and enjoy a culture that is the opposite of our own. Everything to discover, everything to live.

Remember that The promotion is valid until next February 21. You have all the information here.

Nice trip!