Welcome to the Maori people’s home

There is no country in the world that emanates the strength and ancestral culture of New Zealand, its volcanic origin is the best example. Away from everything, a unique magic emerges in it, surrounded by movie landscapes. Two places that represent the beauty of the country with Milford Sound or the Bay of Islands, where it is not difficult to share a bath with orcas or dolphins.

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The New Zealand capital has no more than 215,000 inhabitants, and thus represents a quiet place in which to enjoy art and well-kept leisure. Auckland, the “big city”, has the same characteristics, a place with a wide cultural and tourist offer.

The power of Maori culture permeates everything. You have already seen the players of the rugby team (All Blacks) dance the haka, right? In addition to learning about their dances, you can delve into their gastronomy, crafts or their history, in various events or in visits to museums that tell their fascinating story.

Be the protagonist of your story in New Zealand.

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