Passion as a lifestyle

We are facing the most vibrant and captivating territory, a place that seduces from the moment you set foot in it. Its most representative cities perfectly describe these qualities: Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Florence, Turin… Italy is a place forged under the largest empire in the world and the most captivating artistic explosion. Talent and strength, the duality that best explains the country of the boot.

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Getting lost in the towns of Tuscany is a must on your visit to the country of pasta, landscapes that are a delight for the senses are waiting for you. If you are more of a beach person, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of its most symbolic islands: Sardinia. Castelsardo, Cala Goloritzé or Capo Testa are destinations that will leave you speechless.
If you are one of those who could live on wine, pizza and pasta (and who couldn’t?)
you are in the right place. Try the most intense broths and spaghetti dishes like you’ve never eaten before.

You will leave Italy thinking about when to return.

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