The best hotels for the most sporty and lovers of the good life

For all those lovers of sports and the good life who cannot “disconnect” even during their vacation, below we leave a series of hotels that combine both characteristics so that

Polynesia by Travelface and Southern Cross

The Polynesia offers you the possibility of discovering, at the antipodes of your home, your own universe made up of more than thousand Islands. This wonderful triangle of 30 million

BIOSPHERE Certificate

At Travelface we are pleased to announce that, once again, we have the BIOSPHERE Certificate. This joins that of OCA Global / ISO 9001 which accredits us as a company

Special Valentine’s Day promotion

One of the most special dates on the calendar is coming, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day. At Capitán Morgan they know it well, that is why they have decided to launch a

Travelling for skiing

Winter has arrived. With it, the cold and the snow. We are facing a favorite time of the year for many people, especially skiing enthusiasts. Adventurous people, craving adrenaline and

Gold Medal for the Spanish Passport

After evaluating documents from 199 countries, the prestigious passport ranking system VisaGuide.World Passport Index has confirmed that Spain‘s passport is the best on the planet. All of this is based

Perfect Christmas Destinations

Christmas is here, bringing with it family gatherings, shopping, lights, color, and travel. Many people take advantage of the holidays during this time of the year to visit other places,

Las 10 mejores aerolíneas de 2023

¿Tienes miedo a volar? Si es así, seguro que te interesa saber qué aerolíneas están consideradas las mejores del mundo, según los World Airline Awards (los premios de las empresas

Capitán Morgan en la Antártida

En Capitán Morgan son expertos en cumplir tus sueños y llevarte a destinos imposibles en los que vivir grandes aventuras. Entre ellos están las islas Seychelles, la Polinesia o la

Los mejores hoteles del mundo

Somos conscientes de que estamos ante una ardua tarea. Crear una lista de estas características no resulta nada fácil y es muy probable que no aparezcan destinos merecedores de estar,