The journey you must take

That friend who spent three exciting weeks in Japan last summer is right. The Japanese country is one of those destinations not to be missed. From the light, color and modernity of Tokyo to the spectacular sparkle of Mount Fuji. Passing through the historical monuments of the imperial capital, Kyoto or the ryokan nights.

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The Japanese lifestyle calls for a good immersion. Soak up customs and legend, bring out the samurai inside you. Travel between urban and rural, experiencing first-hand the exciting contrasts that the country of the rising sun offers.

You will think you know Japanese cuisine until you set foot there. You will discover first-hand the great variety, also depending on the region, of one of the healthiest and most delicious cuisines in the world.

History and tradition, advancement and innovation, Japan is everything

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    Keio Plaza

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    Hotel Nikko Kanazawa

    Rihga Hotel Kyoto